Thank you for the opportunity to mediate this challenging case. I enjoyed seeing you and working with you again. The result could not have been accomplished without your excellent advocacy and patient approach to the process.
- Terri W. - Seattle Mediator

As an attorney, I take a critical approach to most others’ work. As an attorney and a former client of Ed’s, I took the same approach. Ed is thoroughly prepared, detail-oriented, and can employ a plethora of techniques to find common ground between parties. Ed understands the law and legal concepts, and is able to relate those to the facts at hand. Ed is also an empathic, yet critical, listener, which allows him to respond and guide others effectively. Further, Ed is an authentic and transparent person, which translates into quickly establishing a good rapport with the parties, where he is able to work with both sides. Finally, as Ed has litigated many cases himself, he understands the litigator’s role. His ego is always in check, and I would respect his judgment, for or against me.
- Greg Fullington - Demco Law Firm, Seattle

I've had the pleasure of being a colleague of Ed Harper for more than 20 years and in numerous areas of law. I have seen first-hand his integrity, compassion and steadiness when confronting difficult cases and issues. Ed is creative and thoughtful in his strategies. He works tirelessly and aggressively on behalf of his clients while honoring opposing attorneys and others. These qualities give the strength to move into practice as a fair and hard-working mediator.

I know Ed has the character, integrity and skill to provide excellent mediation services and that he will use these virtues as a foundation of this work. Ed will excel in any area of practice and I trust his skills as a mediator.
- Leo Shishmanian - Indian Creek Legal Services Caldwell, Idaho

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